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Episode 2 – PURE

From the pure passion of Dr. Erik Brandenburg to the pure power of the turbo engine, Porsche’s mythology and the secret Porsche warehouse – Pure is the central topic of the second issue of 9:11 Magazine.

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About the 9:11 Magazine

Feel. Understand. Experience. 9:11 is Porsche’s video magazine. By turns both emotional and factual, but above all: always with an up-close and personal view of Porsche’s fascination. The lap time of each episode: a snappy 9 minutes and 11 seconds – inspired by the legendary "Nine Eleven".

The 9:11 Magazine features clips that transport you to the Porsche highlights of the past – and at the same time always have one eye on the future: The topics covered by this multimedia getaway span the gamut from old to new, from tradition to innovation, from the Porsche 356 to the Porsche of tomorrow.

The Porsche communications portfolio has been expanded to include the 9:11 Magazine. You’ll find additional details, stories, and background information about the iconic brand in the Porsche Newsroom  and the Christophorus customer magazine.

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