Episode 21 – TURBO

The 9:11 Magazine in the fast lane: Race-car driver Mark Webber takes the 911 Turbo GT1 for a spin and tells how turbo technology moved from racing to production cars. Plus: an overview of the 911 Turbo generations and the top athlete among the SUVs—the new Cayenne Turbo GT.

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The 9:11 Magazine on the quest for the extraordinary: Aksel Lund Svindal sails over the Taycan in homage to an iconic photo. And Porsche’s Mission R is the visionary concept of an all-electric car that unites cutting-edge technologies and sustainable materials with the passion for racing.

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Episode 19 – NEW GROUND

Twenty years ago Porsche set an innovative new course in mainland China. The start of a success story. Tough conditions for the Taycan Cross Turismo—behind the scenes of the film shoot before its world premiere. Porsche Esports: how sim racers train for competition.

#PorscheChina #ChaoLi #TaycanCrossTurismo #BehindTheScenes #PorscheEsports

Episode 18 – ZEITGEIST

9:11 Magazine presents teams at the top of their game: the Ingrams and their Porsche collection, a dramatic loss, and a fantastic triumph. 25 years of the Boxster: a journey in time with insiders on the innovative Porsche Roadster. And: Trial by fire on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring: two racing pros on a new model in the 911 GT family.

#IngramFamily #PorscheCollection #Boxster #HansJürgenWöhler #WalterRöhrl #JörgBergmeister

Episode 17 – VISIONARY

A visionary 9:11 Magazine: Porsche head of design Michael Mauer shows design studies that were previously kept secret. And then there are the designs of the Porsche Design Studio: from the Porsche 917 Living Legend to the Porsche Vision 916. The line of the 911: Inspiration for the illustrator of comic hero Michel Vaillant. Computer-generated Porsche: CGI artist Chris Labrooy animates sports cars like the 911 in surreal worlds.

#PorscheUnseen #MichaelMauer #PorscheDesign #ChrisLabrooy #911 #MichelVaillant #718Cayman

Episode 16 – PORSCHE.CH

9:11 Magazine en route to Porsche enthusiasts and sports cars in Switzerland: Formula E driver Simona de Silvestro and the Taycan – a top team. The precision watches from Porsche Design Timepieces in Solothurn: in the perfect 911 look.

#Taycan #SimonaDeSilvestro #FAPorsche #PorscheDesignTimepieces #SportsCarGene