Manfred Huber lives the Porsche dream—without pedals; nighttime drone flyover at the Porsche Museum; the connection between the new Porsche 718 T and the Bauhaus style; the story of the VW 39; and the travels of the Delaportes in a Porsche 928 S4—in 9:11 Magazine.

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Freedom to the power of 911

Manfred Huber is living an uncommon Porsche dream. Although the native of Bavaria was born without legs, he held fast to his dream of one day driving what is, for him, the non plus ultra of sports cars: the 911.

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Porsche flyover

A nimble drone flight offers uncommon perspectives: for the ten-year anniversary of the Porsche Museum, a nighttime flight captures automotive icons and milestones in the history of the brand.

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Rethinking design

Focusing on the essential, creating innovations—watchwords that have characterized the Bauhaus style for 100 years. Architecture professor Fahim Mohammadi explains what unites

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An age like new

A stately 32 hp and a top speed of 145 km/h—the Volkswagen 39 was a high-speed prototype. Porsche built fourteen of these pre-series vehicles. The last Volkswagen 39 is now in dazzling form after being restored.

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Test of mettle

A Frenchman off the beaten track with a Porsche 928 S4 as his passport. Philippe Delaporte on his way on the Silk Road and around the world.

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An extraordinary Porsche fan

Full speed ahead without pedals

Manfred Huber enjoys life to the fullest—and fulfills his dream of driving a Porsche. In spite of his disability. “I had a vision and I made it happen.”

Manfred Huber realizes his dream

For the love of life—and Porsche

Self-determined mobility has a special meaning for Manfred Huber. Ever since he was a boy, one thing has been clear: he would find his ultimate freedom in a Porsche 911.

He was ten years old when Manfred Huber heard the engine sound that would stay with him ever after. “When I saw my first Porsche 911, I fell in love on the spot.”In spite of his disability, he was set on driving a Porsche. So in 1995 he gave up his job as a banker and took the bold step of starting his own business.He moves in and around the parked cars in the garage with the nimbleness of a gymnast.Huber easily reaches the remotest corners of the vehicles.… For Huber, air-cooled Porsches are “still true craftsmanship, whether it’s the body, the engine, or transmission.”The Porsche 911 T 2.4 of 1970 is his favorite 911. “The chassis was actually ripe for the scrap heap. But I thought it would be a shame to let that happen ...”…Huber deliberately chose yellow Fuchs rims and a yellow safety cage to contrast with the green body. “I wanted the car to be a lightning rod.”An automatic was out of the question. “Not in an air-cooled Porsche.” So Huber designed and patented a lever that allowed him to operate the Porsche’s pedals ...Accelerating, braking, shifting—all done manually.Huber spends every free minute with his 911 in the mountains of his native Bavaria. That 200 hp wind in his sails is, for him, the greatest feeling of freedom there is.Huber fine-tuned his driving skills with a training session on the Sachsenring. His instructor was the two-time rally world champion and Porsche brand ambassador Walter Röhrl. Impressed by Huber’s driving skills, the champ autographed Huber’s PorscheManfred Huber had a dream as a child, and he made it come true. “When I sit in my Porsche today and give it some gas, I always have a huge grin on my face. And I intend to keep it that way for a long time.”

Night at the Porsche Museum

Experiencing Porsche history

The Porsche Museum opened its doors on January 31, 2009. Ever since then, visitors have had the chance to experience the unique history of the company and fascinating sports cars and racing machines.

Night at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche MuseumNight at the Porsche Museum

Delaporte's adventures

Around the world in a 928

Large-volume tires for greater clearance and eight millimeters of aluminum underbody protection: Philippe Delaporte and his sons Baudouin and Thibault optimized a Porsche 928 to withstand a grueling tour down the Silk Road to Turkmenistan, followed by a trip around the world. Whether in heat or icy cold, the 928 was their perfect companion. The story of two extraordinary journeys in an exceptional sports car.

Delaporte's adventure

Two grand tours—one extraordinary car

From Paris to Turkmenistan and back is not enough for Philippe Delaporte and his sons. Accompanied in turns by the junior Delaportes, an around-the-world journey would follow. And the French Porsche enthusiasts would cover every mile of their trip in their 928 S4. Through everything from deserts to snow—over thousands of miles, the sport coupe demonstrated its exceptional reliability.

Philippe Delaporte and his son Baudouin start their adventurous tour from Paris to Turkmenistan and back by way of the Silk Road at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in September 2011.Only slightly modified for the unusual journey, the Porsche 928 S4 performed flawlessly throughout the trip—reliable under any conditions. Here it is in front of St Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kiev. Even the police guarding the restricted zone around the reactor ruins at Chernobyl in Ukraine couldn’t resist posing with such an uncommon vehicle.The Delaportes’ Porsche 928 S4 has a five-liter V8 engine that generates 320 hp. Here the sports coupe is seen in front of world-renowned Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.Grabbing a bite to eat somewhere in Uzbekistan on the road to Tashkent. “It was delicious and the people here, as everywhere along the way, were amazingly friendly,” recalls Philippe Delaporte.Construction bottleneck in Kazakhstan: the Delaportes’ tour had little in common with a comfortable drive down the autobahn. “The roads were not always in the best condition,” laughs the Frenchman, looking back. In Turkmenistan heading toward the Iranian border. The road was actually closed, but because the Frenchmen’s visas were only valid for one more day, the police let the Porsche pass in spite of wintry driving conditions.For a glimpse of the famed fairy chimney rock formation in the Cappadocia region of central Turkey, Philippe and Baudouin Delaporte subject the 928 to a rough off-road route. Wherever the Frenchmen stop, the Porsche 928 S4 elicits considerable interest. “The car was the best possible form of communication; it was like our passport,” says Philippe Delaporte.Part one of the around-the-world trip takes Delaporte from Paris to Tokyo in 2016. Along for the ride in the 928 S4 this time around is Philippe’s elder son Thibault. Here: en route in Estonia.From St Petersburg to Vladivostok, the route traverses the famous Trans-Siberian Highway. The odometer indicates that there are still 10,072 kilometers to go to the next destination. Rest stop in Mongolia: the Porsche 928 S4 next to a yurt, the traditional tent used by nomads in western and central Asia.The French travelers receive a warm welcome at the Porsche Center in Hiroshima.End of the first stage of the world tour. The Porsche 928 S4 on the move in Tokyo in front of the Skytree, the 634-meter TV tower in the Japanese capital.The grind goes on: the second stage of the around-the-world trip leads from Anchorage, Alaska, through Canada, to New York City in the Porsche 928. Philippe and Baudouin Delaporte in Alaska with Denali in the background.The Porsche 928 S4 looks like a miniature car next to the gigantic dump truck in Canada.One of the special moments on the tour was driving through a redwood tree near Leggett, California.Drives just like on day one—the Porsche 928 S4 near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco after thousands of miles.The 928 in front of the U.S. Capitol—a must-stop location in Washington, D.C.The around-the-world journey draws to a close in New York City. “Our Porsche never let us down and became something like a member of the family. We would never sell it, but we wouldn’t put it through such an ordeal again, either. The car will now ente

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