Episode 2 – PURE – 3 | 2017

From the pure passion of Dr. Erik Brandenburg to the pure power of the turbo engine, Porsche’s mythology and the secret Porsche warehouse – Pure is the central topic of the second issue of 9:11 Magazine.


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Pure Passion

Dr. Erik Brandenburg is a phenomenon. For three decades, the doctor has been competing in rallies all over the world. His modified Porsche 911s are legendary. He has built more than 20 of these unique cars himself.

Pure Power

The inner workings of a Carrera 3.2 engine: we show the teardown of an engine in a fascinating stop-motion time-lapse film.

Pure Myth

Porsche’s historic archive holds more than two kilometres of files, countless photographs and many of Ferdinand Porsche’s original personal documents – join us on a journey back in time.

Pure Fascination

An exclusive look inside the secret car warehouse of the Porsche Museum – in stunning hyperlapse video footage.

More about Pure Power

Teardown of a Porsche Carrera 3.2 engine

Enjoy a never-before-seen look at the inner workings of the Porsche Carrera 3.2 engine.

Hamburg photographers and filmmakers Johannes Grau and Sören Städe created a fascinating stop-motion time-lapse film which became a viral YouTube hit. In summer 2013, engine builder Matthias Höing tore down an Carrera engine (3.2 liters) and Grau and Städe filmed the process with two cameras. Approx. 2.000 photos were edited to make this incredible film, which has received over 600.000 views to date.

Encouraged by the response, the pair launched their second project: the assembly of a completely new engine. The film is due to launch in mid-April