Episode 9 – REUNION – 11 | 2018

Rod Emory’s comeback as a race car driver in a Porsche at the Rennsport Reunion 2018, the new Porsche 935 – an homage to the legendary “Moby Dick,” a rematch of the cult race between “Brösel” and “Holgi” and Walter Röhrl’s favorite rally Porsche, the 911 SC. All this and more in the current 9:11 Magazine.

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Road to Reunion

"Porsche is my life." At the sixth Rennsport Reunion, American race car driver Rod Emory has his first go in a Porsche 935. A car that had raced at the Nürburgring in 1977 and Le Mans in 1978. An exhilarating adventure for the Porsche enthusiast.

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Sports car summit meeting

Porsche enthusiasts from around the world gather in California for the Rennsport Reunion 2018. Along for the trip: their cars, from the 911 and 917 to the 904. But pictures say more than a thousand words. An overview of the icons.

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Return of an icon

Porsche kicked off the sixth Rennsport Reunion in California with a bang: the legendary 935 made its triumphant return. To exuberant applause, the new race car drove its way into the hearts of the motor racing fans.

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The Rally Comeback

Walter Röhrl’s “best rally Porsche:” 9:11 Magazine revisits the history of the Porsche 911 SC.

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The Rematch

Two rivals. A red Porsche 911, model year 1968. A Horex. And a score that’s gone unsettled for thirty years. Comic artist “Brösel” Feldmann and bar owner “Holgi” Henze meet for a “Werner Race” rematch in 2018.

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Rod Emory’s Rennsport Reunion

A life with Porsche

The first drive of my life was in a Porsche." Not to mention his first forays as a mechanic and his first race—Rod Emory lives and breathes Porsche. At the sixth Rennsport Reunion, the American celebrates his racing comeback after a ten-year hiatus. Racing in a Porsche 935 used in the 1978 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans was a dream come true for Emory.

The Road to Reunion

Rebirth of an icon

Spectacular: The highlights of the new Porsche 935

The new Porsche 935 was met with applause at its premiere during the sixth Rennsport Reunion in Laguna Seca. With its elegant lines, the club sport race car exudes sportiness and speed even at a standstill. During a Walk-around for 9:11 Magazine, Porsche Exterior Designer Grant Larson explains the highlights of this sequel to the motor racing icon of the late 1970s, the 935.

Return of an icon

The Rematch

Cult Race—The Sequel: Revenge at Last

Back in 1988, comic artist “Brösel” and his “Red Porsche Killer” didn’t stand a chance against the Porsche 911 of his friend and bar owner “Holgi.” The defeat stung, for thirty years. But now there’s been a rematch. Same place. Same raucous backdrop of thousands of cheering fans. But this time with a different winner.

The Rematch