Episode 12 – WET MODE

Extraordinary excursion with the new 911: through the French Atlantic • Porsche Wet Mode in detail • Rebels in the rain: the R Group • Le Mans 1987: the starred helmet of Hans-Joachim Stuck • WEC: wild ride to clinch the title early–in 9:11 Magazine.

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911 and the tides

The French road Passage du Gois is under water most of the day. Those who dare to use it must submit to the laws of nature. An exceptional excursion with the new 911.

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Hear the wetness

Commanding control on wet surfaces: The Porsche Wet Mode driver assistance system uses acoustic sensors to detect wetness in the wheel wells and warns drivers about aquaplaning. Engineering for maximum safety.

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The R Group

If you drive a historical Porsche in rough wind and weather, you can only be crazy. Or a member of the R Group. The extraordinary California clique’s main rule is “there are no rules.”

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Stuck’s star turn

Hans-Joachim Stuck naturally wears his helmet with the white stars also at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1987. His breakneck drive through the rainy night lays the groundwork for the Porsche 962 C to win the race.

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Wet and wild in Spa

Bad weather, tense atmosphere – yet in spite of the turbulent conditions at Spa-Francorchamps, Porsche clinches the title early in the FIA World Endurance Championship with its two 911 RSRs.

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Passage du Gois

An extraordinary excursion

The Passage du Gois only reveals itself for four hours a day. Most of the time the French road is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Plenty of time for the 911 with Porsche Wet Mode.

The R Group

Rebels in the rain

Full speed ahead for 20 years and thoroughly non-conformist: The R Group lives the passion for Porsche in its own special way. Founder Cris Huergas upholds the codex. Pouring rain won’t stop this California clique.

Rebels in the rain

World Endurance Championship

Taking the title in the rain

Unfazed by the chaotic weather in Belgium’s Ardennes, Porsche clinches the GT title early in the World Endurance Championship at Spa.

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